Bay to Birdwood

1940's family day ou...

A family portrait, as if straight from the 1940's or 50's.

50's Thunderbird

The classic Ford Thunderbird

A day in the country

Period clothes to match the car.

And the luggage too

Luggage was optional - hopefully it was tied in tight.

Being grilled

The brash lines of Americana just waiting to be photographed.

Final touches

There's always enough gloss and shine to check one's hair piece and make-up.

Final touches B&W
Leading the Way
Leading the way B&W
Quietly waiting his...

That "driving Miss Daisy" feel is right at home here

Reflections B&W
Roadside picnic in t...

Enjoying a day in the country.

Running Repairs

Simplicity ensured this old car would keep running for many years yet to come

Thank God for the Sa...
Thunderbird B&W
Winged lady